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08-10-09 16:21
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see you speak the eyes of fright might
but if you give it a little time you'll know
it's never meant to mean the meaning you meant to mean
you couldn't have seen
you were in such a rush from the mad cast concussion
percussion and falsetto shrieks and amaretto
tilts from the glass you hold
spills to the floor, and a door opens
preoccupied i fear you fight to keep attention
retention is criminal at minimum
hydroxide masks the ground
isopropyl in hand
thoughts conscious not found
reactions not planned
flagrant fury speaks in place of sight
but you were happy when you saw that i brought flowers. :)

01-22-08 23:10
this why i hot
so i just kind of feel like once upon a time, i had something to contribute here, but i don't really think i have much to say anymore. i guess that's what needs to happen in life. some people must be complacent and forever unchanging while others move around trying to find something better (though typically worse). well i'm done with online communities for the most part. most of you guys live in oregon, anyway. i don't really even like it there. i feel so out of place. anyway, the person that showed me this site, delanie stevens (i think her sn had to do with a sock or a moocow or something)...i don't have a clue what happened to her, but she left here about four years ago now. it was about three months before i had my lsdistaken screen name. as a matter of fact, she lived in omaha, but i suppose that's beside the point. i just feel rather out of place here, you know, just like how i feel out of place in oregon. it partially has to do with the fact that although people agree that i have an opinion, they rarely agree with it. i guess that's not a bad thing, but i'm looking for some variety.

also, i realize most of this post isn't quite coherent, but i'm just kind of exhausted, and i'm not in the mood to be adhesive...cohesive. i'm sure i'll check up on some posts some time in the future, but i'm about done here. have fun with all of your posting and oregon living.

p.s. i just wanted to mention that i'm a lot younger than most of you tend to assume. having graduated high school last year, it was hard for me to understand a lot of what was said here at first, but i've found i still don't understand much of it. i was just mentioning that because i've only disclosed my age once, and i was surprised at the remarks i got from others. night. :)

01-22-08 00:52
moving units
sick new album. totally sick. totally totally sick.
i hate when i'm on arduous quests for new music, and i keep hearing crap, then i see a new album from an old band, and it's the first thing i hear that totally rocks. i mean obviously it's good to have some consistency, but i would rather their new album sucked, and i found something that kicks ass that i've never heard of before. like when i heard about the faint right after i bought the new smash mouth album. i'm kind of embarrassed to say i ever liked smash mouth, but it was like fifth grade summer, lol.

01-21-08 00:29
have been a lot of advances in the shipping and handling industry, believe it or not. a comedian once said that if they drug tested all of the postal service workers, the only drug they wouldn't find is speed. as funny as i thought that was at the time, i noticed that i've experienced fairly impressive efficiency, considering their volume and the fairly low (though ever rising) price. i typically purchase things over the internet, especially amazon and ebay, so i gross a fairly high volume of s&h myself (everything over $25 on amazon is free shipping, so bulk still saves). this being the case, i've noticed the one true downfall of the shipping and handling industry. i've found that no matter what, i have yet to receive a package that the sender doesn't fucking put in the mail.

01-20-08 14:12
did u kno??
i am a theatre projectionist. i have been for a while. i have finally attained an interesting (although low paying) job. yes, theatres do still use huge reels of films. yes, digital projectors are also used. they look much nicer, but they are very expensive. if you ever see a 3d movie (like with the glasses), you saw it on a digital. i know most of you will experience this when you see the 3d Hannah Montana movie coming out on February 1.

01-15-08 22:26
which requires
i was wondering if straightedge kids were the original put-an-x-in-between-everything kids. cause like the se is for straight edge obviously, and the x is from the bars, so sxe totally makes sense, but like hxc. that doesn't make that much sense to me. or anything that ends with core like glamxcore or shadowxcore or applexcore.

as a matter of fact, i don't even remember getting an x on my hand the last time i went to a show. it seems like it would make more sense to stamp the kids' hands who are actually over 21. i don't know about anyone else, but i have definitely gotten in trouble for getting my x wiped off from sweating and rubbing up against people who are sweaty.

01-14-08 10:51
sorry :)
i have a thing for posting things that people will disagree with. i just hadn't posted anything in a while, and i had just had this conversation with this british kid who thought the beatles were the last good thing to come out of britain. i honestly had a hard time keeping from becoming furious. i mean seriously. there is so much new stuff coming out of britain. we're talking like klaxons and lily allen and all that awesome house music.

anyway, what's up elowel?

i'm making burritos. anyone want one?

01-14-08 00:51
the beatles
don't even read this unless you think you can be open for a second to some straight up blatant intolerance.

okay so i'm going to talk calmly about why i don't like the beatles for a minute. i can understand why a lot of dipshits think that the sun shines out of john lennon's ass. it's because you are on acid, which is bad for you. the other possibility is that you are an undiscerning ass hole like the better portion of american music listeners.

so for starters i'm going to explain to you why you like the beatles, why the beatles are as famous as they are and why they suck.

you like the beatles because you think you can relate to their little show tune songs. when you hear strawberry fields you think "ah i'm so unconventional because i know that strawberry fields actually represents hash fields. the fact that i'm listening to four boys who have been castrated repeat this concept over and over amidst cumbersome, unprogressive instrumental backing just exemplifies that fact. XP"

when you hear yellow submarine...well u actually don't have a clue what the fuck they are talking about in that song, but u figure it's cool cause it's catchy anyway, but the fact that they have managed to compile an album with...what twelve or thirteen songs right? and how many are not repeats of songs earlier on the album? six sounds about right. in all honesty, black dog is probably the most coercive and complete song (lyrics aside) on the album, which gets/got no air time, which is a good thing because it would have been the ensign for the hippie fundamentalist movement.

well people did not always think that. if yellow sub had been their first single, they would have sky rocketed...like the first one you ever made where the engine blew the whole fucker up all over the ground. even though their style of music was not always there, rebellion has ALWAYS EXISTED. they represented rebellion at the time, and jesus knows how music lovers clung/cling to rebellion.

let's take a second to digress and talk about what i just said. have you ever heard of the sex pistols? practically the creators of what punk has become and they did it around forty years ago. they had that much impact because they were the original rebels of the genre, and even though something as ground breaking and new and significantly more inspired and talented as london calling (the clash) came out long afterwards, it was the original sex pistols' style that stuck with punk and not the clash. it is true in music that the first ruler will always rule. remember kurt cobain? the first to really rise out of the grunge scene. well do you remember eddie vedder or layne staley or shannon hoon? i would say that generally speaking, two of these have produced multiple songs that were just better than smells like teen spirit. just BETTER. and of course no rain is just a kick ass song, so i threw that in. now you've heard songs by all of them unless you've lived under a fucking rock next to a beatle or four. maybe if we start from the beginning you will recognize them better. pearl jam (eddie vedder), alice in chains (layne staley), blind melon (shannon hoon). you're saying "oh yeah i knew i recognized those names!" but u didn't because they came afterwards. they came only because mr. cobain along with ridiculously influential kris novoselic and dave grohl led the way out into the light of stardom.

and here we dovetail my rant into the reason the beatles became famous. they pioneered music as a modern form of rebellion and left previous musical rebels like harlem renaissance artists and elvis in the dust. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM TALENTED. paul mccartney was the only one among them with any real talent (i even like a lot of stuff he has done on his own), which was stolen from him by john lennon who always ended up with the spot light some how. we can see how talented lennon actually was when we listen to his work with yoko ono. as far as ringo starr and the other guy (honestly, who cares what his name was but it seems like it was george harrison) they didn't contribute anything to the group other than the image.

christ. i could talk about this for ages, but the most i state my opinion, the more shit i will be taking so i'm gonna call it good.

01-09-08 14:09
and so
the epilogue of my life continues. slowly.

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11-27-07 20:03
why does everybody understand all of my problems? i hate it. i don't have any unique problems of my own. everyone has already encountered every one of them. just once i want to have a serious problem and have someone say, "shit, dude. i can't even grasp what your problem must be like. i have no previous experience regarding anything even remotely similar to it, therefore, i can be of no help at all. furthermore, were i to be confronted by the same problem, i am thoroughly confident that i would shit my pants and be entirely dysfunctional thereafter."

just once.